Window Pricing 2021 – Ottawa Region

Window Pricing 2021 – Ottawa Region

How much does it cost to get a new window in Ottawa in 2021? We decided to find out and requested the latest information from Ecoline Windows experts.  Read on to find out how different window styles impact the final price and what you need to know to choose the best product.

Different Window Styles & Pricing

You can come across different factors when selecting new windows, whether it is a replacement or new construction. Frame materials, glazing, and energy efficiency are all crucial details to consider. However, before homeowners can even get to that decision, it is essential to consider the windows’ basic operating style. Different window styles mean differences in usage and, of course, fluctuating price. Take a look at common windows styles for Ottawa region and their pricing in 2021:

  • Double-hung

Double-hung windows have two large sashes (a sash is a frame unit that surrounds glass panels). They are to slide up and down within vertical tracks. These windows are frequently used in houses with classic styles; however, you can come across them in traditional-modern homes as well.

Typical price range ~ 689$ – 941$

  • Single-Hung

They look just like double-hung, though only the bottom sash can move. That is why this type of window usually costs less in comparison to its counterpart. The top sash is sealed in order to keep cold air and water out.

Typical price range ~ 541$ – 1093$

  • Casement windows

Casement windows that are also called crank windows, are super popular in 2021 and installed in many Canadian houses. Windows’ crank opens them horizontally on hinges mounted on one side at the top and bottom. One side remains to be stationary, while the other side of the window can be opened like a door.

Typical price range ~ 523$ – 953$

Casement window
  • Awning

Awning windows operate just like their casement windows counterpart —with a crank designed to open and close them. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that awning windows are to be opened from the bottom when cranked, with the top edge fixed in place while the bottom goes outward and up.

Typical price range ~ 493$ – 1161$

  • Picture windows

Picture windows are mainly fixed windows that are not supposed to open. As a rule, they are to be installed in difficult to reach places to let in more light. For clear views where air-conditioning is not a matter, picture windows are perfect. This window type creates a portrait-like area on walls – that is why it mentions “picture” in its name. Picture windows are also a traditional choice if you need to let in natural light without cold air in room space that is usually considered to be most sensitive to drafts.

Typical price range ~ 355$ – 2088$

  • Hopper windows

Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and tilt in to allow better air-conditioning. These windows are usually matched with other fixed or operable windows and doors. They are a popular choice when it comes to installing basement windows because basements are expected to have more light and ventilation. And the hopper windows fulfil both requirements in the limited space like basements.

Typical price range ~ 526$ – 982$

  • Single slider

The single slider window is a trendy window style for Canadian homeowners. Windows are pretty simple, having side-by-side windows that slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks. Windows provide excellent energy efficiency when used with Low-E glass and insulated with krypton gas. They are long-lasting and energy-efficient for any weather. In a sliding tilt window, only one sash operates horizontally while the other sash is fixed. Movable sash can tilt inside, providing effortless cleaning of the exterior and excellent air circulation.

Vertical sliding window

Typical price range ~ 328$ – 1637$

Window Styles – Price Table

So now, you should better understand how the window styles affect the price, but if you’re considering window replacements for your home, it would be wise to do complete and thorough market research before choosing a window company, getting a quote, and hiring them. You can find a table listed below for your convenience so you can take a quick look at pricing and window styles in Ottawa.

Awning Casement Hopper Picture Single hung Single slider Double –  hung Casement – fixed
Ottawa $493 – 1161 $523 – 953 $526 – 982 $355 – 2088 $541 – 1093 $328 – 1637 $689 – 941 $889 – 2282


What else?

You should also know that window styles are not the only thing that makes up the price. It is essential to consider:

  • Frame materials

Typically, you can come across two main options when choosing a material for the frame of your new window: vinyl and wood. Vinyl is cheaper, while wood is considered to be more aesthetic.

  • Energy-efficiency

It is understandable that the lower the energy efficiency of a window, the lower would be the price. However, it is not recommended to save up money here. Pay attention that your windows are Energy-star rated to avoid problems with high heating bills later.

  • Glazing

You can usually go with a double or triple pane, while the latter makes the final price considerably higher, so think twice whether you need it. Nowadays, double pane windows with a good energy rating are enough to keep your house warm and safe.

  • Hardware

The more additional features you include, the higher is the price. You can choose locks, cranks, latches etc. All that impacts the price.

  • Colors

While you can go practiculary with any price if wood is chosen as your frame material, vinyl windows are usually black-painted.

  • Warranty

Pay attention to what your local company offers you as a warranty. Usually it is 25 years, but additional add-ons may affect the price.

  • Type of installation

You can go either with retrofit or full replacement. However, the first option may not be available for every house, thus full replacement which is of course much costly should take place.