What Makes Reinforced Doors Different

What Makes Reinforced Doors Different

Everyone wants to make sure their home is a safe and secure place. Homeowners should fortify their front and back doors to prevent break-ins. It is essential to understand the weak spots of your existing structures. Reinforcements add a layer of protection that will keep invaders at bay.

Your front door is the first access point a burglar would consider. Reinforced doors are more secure than standard models. Their frames and slabs are the first lines of defense. Every homeowner should consider reinforcing vulnerable spots of their entry doors to deter burglars. Here are the most common means of protection.


Reinforced Frames

If your door frame is not firm enough, you may install a protector directly on the frame or on the door jamb. This gives an instant boost to physical security and prevents kick-in attacks. Frame reinforcement is also used on doors that have been primarily damaged this way.

The best way to fortify a frame is by adding a layer of high-gauge steel. This will prevent splitting, making the door kick-proof. The protective element may be placed over the jamb and secured with long screws. Alternatively, you may consider replacing the existing frame with a steel frame and securing it with metal wall studs.


Reinforced Edge

Another protector may be wrapped around the edge of your door on the side where the locks are located. The edge is the weakest part of any entry door. It is attached to the frame by means of a bolt and latch. Neither of these distributes force well in case of a kick in. Even when the frame itself is sturdy, the edge may be damaged.

An edge protector will fill the space between the door and the frame. This way, if anyone tries to pry the door open, or kick it in, it will not crack. The measure also prevents collapsing if a glass insert is used. A door wrap around the edge makes forced entry nearly impossible. Previously damaged doors may also be repaired with the use of an edge protector. 


Reinforced Hinges

Hinges are another common weak spot. Professionals may install special wraps around the edge of your door in these areas. This will strengthen the hinges, so they do not fail during a physical attack. 

Even when other points are properly fortified, this is still essential. Why?  Because physical

 energy may be shifted to the hinges when the door is being kicked in. If these are weak, burglars will get inside.


The Bottom Line

The frame, edge, and hinges are the weakest points. Reinforce them to prevent forced entry and keep your family safe. These are the most basic measures a homeowner may take. Learn more about different types of locks and get an auxiliary lock if you want additional protection.