Typical Problems During Winter Installation of uPVC Windows

Typical Problems During Winter Installation of uPVC Windows

Windows may be installed in temperatures as low as -20°C. In general, window installation in the winter is quite similar to standard installation in the summer. However, due to much lower outer temperatures, work is done on one window at a time, so it takes longer. Here are a few other intricacies that must be considered in the coldest season. 

Prevent Heat Loss


Professional installers will always close all doors in the room where they are working, as well as any other doors in the house. As the weather is cold, this precaution is important to keep the warmth inside. 


Water and Mud

Cleaning up is essential. Professional installers will not let you down: they always use tarps or booties if they need to work in winter. This way, no water or dirt gets into the house. 


No Bay or Bow Windows

Avoid installing these windows in the winter, as the process requires a complex cutting of small pieces. When the weather is cold, the vinyl they are made of becomes brittle. Therefore, it is more difficult to cut.


Be Careful with Aluminum

If your windows have cladding or outer capping made of this material, avoid putting on the finish until it gets warmer. This is because you will need to bend the parts with high precision. In low temperatures, this gets difficult.


Choose the Right Insulation

Bear in mind that some caulking and insulating foams are most suitable for low temperatures than others. They must stay malleable at the current temperature. Alternatively, some installers may warm up their foam and cooking before applying. In general, if the temperature drops below minus 20°C, the work must be stopped because caulking will be extremely brittle.


Snowfall Conditions

Homeowners should be aware that window installers are not responsible for removing the snow around the windows to provide accessibility. This is always the responsibility of the customer. 



Heavy rain, a snowstorm, or strong wind may hinder the installation progress. Most installers will not continue until the weather improves. Therefore, bear in mind: as work may be stopped because of harsh weather, it can take longer than you planned. A reliable contractor will try to resume the works on the closest available day. In any case, the company should be able to negotiate an agreeable date with you.


Quality of the Windows

In general, winter is the best time to shop for windows. Many companies provide deep discounts during the season. Undoubtedly, most homeowners are glad to purchase windows at the best price. 

However, it is important to make sure the ones you choose provide decent energy efficiency, and the installation company is highly professional. Even the best windows are only as good as the quality of installation works. If the installers are sloppy, this will negate the benefits of any premium model.